Why Doesn't Your Dryer Have Heat? 3 Reasons Why And Repair Tips

If your dryer doesn't have any heat, it can take a while to dry your clothing thoroughly. If you don't have any heat, it could be a few different issues. You may be able to troubleshoot and repair the problem yourself; read on for a few tips to repair your dryer.

1. Your Lint Filter Is Full

If you have a lot of lint built up in your dryer, the heat will not be able to get through. It forms an insulation barrier so the heat cannot penetrate to your clothing or only half of your clothing may be getting the heat. Moving your clothing around and restarting your dryer may help, but the lint still needs to be removed. Pull out the lint trap inside your dryer (or outside your dryer depending on your dryer), then remove the lint inside. Inspect inside the lint trap to see if there is more lint stuck inside, as it can build up in the opening. Remove this using either a brush or a vacuum with an extension hose. Check your dryer to see if this gives you any more heat.

2. Your Dryer Setting Was Changed

If you have the dryer setting set to low heat, you aren't going to get a lot of heat. Typically, if you have a normal load it should be set to the normal heat setting. If you dried something delicate, you may have changed it to a low-heat setting and forgotten to change it back. Check the settings on your dryer to be sure they are right. Reset your dryer and check it to see if it has heat by running it for about 10 minutes. If your clothes feel warm, test it out for an entire load run time. If that did the trick, be sure to remember to check the settings before turning on the dryer for another load.

3. Your Flame Sensor Is Bad

The flame sensor inside the dryer may have gone out. The sensor can go out over time, so if your dryer is a little on the older side, this could be the problem. Remove the bottom panel of your dryer to locate the flame sensor, then inspect this sensor. Turn on the dryer and pay attention to the flame. If you don't have a flame at all or you see the flame turn on and then turn off right away, the flame sensor may be the issue. Turn off the dryer and turn off the gas (if you have a gas dryer), then remove the sensor. Replace it with a new one or hire a professional to do this work for you.

If your dryer isn't giving you any heat to dry your clothing, you can use the tips above to help you make the repair yourself. If you aren't able to get your dryer repaired on your own, call an appliance repair service to repair your dryer for you.

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