Problems Your Washing Machine May Experience

When a washing machine is experiencing problems, it can be both disruptive to your daily routine while also contributing to sizable damages to your home. Luckily, washing machines will typically encounter a range of fairly predictable problems and issues, which can make it easier for a homeowner to prepare themselves for these problems.   

Moving Across The Floor

A common issue with washing machines will be finding that they are vibrating enough to actually move across the floor when it is in operation. This can lead to difficulties with the water line reaching the washing machine, and it may even pull itself far enough away to cause its water supply line to disconnect. Most often, this issue is caused by either the clothing in the washer being loaded in an uneven manner or the motor being severely out of alignment.

Water Leaking

The washing machine will be among the most water-intensive appliances that a person owns. As a result, if this appliance develops a leak, it can mean serious problems for the home. These leaks will often form along the back of the washing unit where the supply line connects to the unit. Unfortunately, this is not the only spot where a leak can form. Washers can also form leaks on their interior, which will often be visible as a puddle of water under the washing machine.

Clothes Developing Foul Smells

Normally, your clothing should come out of the washing machine smelling fresh and clean. However, it can be possible for bacteria or other problems to develop in the machine that could impart a foul and lingering odor in the clothes. While this can be an alarming problem for your washing machine to develop, it can be easily corrected by sanitizing the interior of the washing machine so that any odor-causing bacteria are eliminated. If this fails to correct the issue, the problem is likely caused by low-quality or contaminated water being supplied to the washing machine.

Failing To Spin

To remove all of the dirt and grime that may collect on the clothes, the washing machine will spin the clothes rapidly. Unfortunately, if this machine loses the ability to spin the clothes, it will be unable to clean the clothes. Often, when a washing machine loses the ability to spin the clothes, it is due to the motor failing. Unfortunately, replacing this motor is extremely complicated, and homeowners should avoid attempting to replace it on their own as this could lead to accidentally causing balancing or alignment issues for the system.

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