3 Common Problems With Commercial Refrigeration Units

Commercial refrigeration units play a vital role in maintaining the freshness of many products. Unfortunately, a unit that has not been cared for properly could become a financial burden for any business owner.

The easiest way to ensure that you are investing in timely repairs for your commercial refrigeration unit is to become familiar with the common problems that can plague these appliances.

1. Temperature Problems

A commercial refrigeration unit that can't maintain a cold temperature poses a real problem for business owners.

There are many reasons why your refrigeration unit could be experiencing temperature problems. You may have a faulty thermostat that needs to be replaced. The compressor could be malfunctioning and preventing the unit from staying cool. The fans on your compressor could be dirty or damaged. You may even have a refrigerant leak.

An experienced commercial repair professional will be able to diagnose the problem and address the damage whenever your refrigeration unit experiences temperature issues in the future.

2. Power Supply Issues

Most commercial refrigeration units require access to a power source in order to function efficiently. When a power supply issue arises, your unit will no longer be able to keep the product housed within it cool.

Many power supply issues are caused by faulty wiring within the refrigeration unit itself. Start by checking to see that the unit is plugged in and that the circuit connected to the unit is working properly when power supply issues arise.

If you can't troubleshoot the issue yourself, a repair professional will be able to use specialized equipment to identify and replace faulty wiring within your commercial refrigeration unit.

3. Ice Buildup

Is your commercial refrigeration unit starting to fill with ice? Ice buildup not only reduces the storage capacity of your unit, but it can also compromise the energy efficiency of the unit as well.

Ice buildup occurs when warm air finds its way into your refrigeration unit. This warm air causes condensation, which freezes to form ice buildup once the temperature inside the unit stabilizes.

Excessive ice buildup could be caused by poor air ventilation within your unit. Damaged or faulty door gaskets can also contribute to ice buildup.

A professional repair technician will be able to identify the source of the ice buildup and restore the efficiency of your commercial refrigeration unit with ease.

An understanding of the common problems that plague commercial refrigeration units will help you better care for your own appliance over time.

For more information, contact a commercial refrigeration repair company near you.