Common Failures And Repairs For Residential Washing Machines

The washing machine in your home should run for many years, but some parts inside the machine can wear over time and may need replacing. If your machine breaks down, it is essential that you use the right washing machine parts for the machine you have, and hiring a technician to make the repairs is often the best option. 

Drive Belts

One of the most common failure points for residential washing machines is the drive belt on the bottom of the drum inside the machine. Because of the location of the belt, the back of the washing machine needs to be removed to get to the belt, and it is crucial that you get the right belt to fit your washer. Some washing machines can be complicated to get open, and the belt is often situated in a way that may require other parts to be removed to access it.

Hiring an appliance repair tech to replace the belt for you is a good option. The technician will know how to get to the belt without causing damage to other parts on the machine, and in many cases, the repair company will carry washing machine parts, including drive belts, for many different models of washers. Sometimes the wear on the belt can be a result of other parts wearing under the machine, but your repair tech will check all the components and replace any washing machine parts that are worn out.

Water Pumps

The water pump on your washing machine is another part that can wear out over time. The pump is critical to removing the water from the machine during the spin cycle, and if it stops working, it will need replacing. Washing machine parts like the water pump can be a little tricky to find, but most appliance repair services have access to parts for many different machines from many different companies. 

The water pump housing is typically plastic, and rebuilding or repairing the pump is not possible, so it yours is leaking or has stopped working, the best solution is to replace the entire unit with a new one. The job can take a little time, but often, it is cheaper to replace the pump than to buy a new washing machine. 

If the machine is still under warranty, check with the repair service to find out if it includes the washing machine parts and service. You may be able to get the washing machine fixed without having to pay anything for the repairs.