How Homeowners Can Keep Their Washing Machine Working Great And Avoid Major Repairs

The washer in your household is one of the most important appliances. Without it, you wouldn't be able to keep your clothes clean and fresh. To ensure your washer works great over the years, you'll want to remember these care tips. They can save you a fortune on repairs. 

Ensure Proper Placement 

The placement of your washing machine may seem trivial, but it can have drastic effects on its performance. So what is the optimal placement for a washing machine? Most manufacturers agree that your machine should be placed several inches away from walls.

This isn't to ensure it looks pretty either. Having this space ensures the hoses connected to the back don't kink. Any slight form of kinking can drastically prevent your washing machine from working at its best. Also in terms of placement, you need to ensure your washer is level. Otherwise, integral parts on the inside could suffer premature wear and tear.

Avoid Overloading 

It's pretty natural to get in a hurry when doing laundry and put as many clothes as you can inside. After all, laundry day probably isn't the highlight of your week. Still, you need to be careful with how much clothing gets in the washer for a single load.

Too many items can cause your washer to work harder than it should, which will make it not last as long. You can usually consult with your owner's manual to see how much laundry your washer can support at one time. Abide by these recommendations to avoid major washer damage.

Regularly Inspect the Hoses 

The hoses connected to your washer play the important role of transporting hot and cold water. They need to be in pristine condition so that no excess water gets out and ends up all over your floors.

Every couple of months, move the washer forward and inspect the back hoses. Look for signs of cracks, major tears, fraying, and most importantly, leaks. If any of these issues are present, you should consider replacing your hoses. This investment won't cost you a lot of money, and when you act fast, you can prevent significant water issues from ever occurring. 

Since the washing machine in your household plays such an important role for your family's wardrobe, make sure you take good care of it over the years. As long as you follow the right protocol and keep a consistent care schedule, you shouldn't have to spend a fortune on chronic repairs. If something is wrong, contact a washer repair service for more help.