Why Is My Air Conditioning Always Running? Common Causes And Remedies

The temperatures are rising and you're ready to stay indoors and enjoy the cool comfort of your central air conditioning. The air conditioning seems to be running smoothly, that is until you realize the unit won't shut off. In addition to causing your electric bills you dramatically rise, an air conditioner that is constantly running places an enormous strain on the unit, which can lead to serious damage. Here are a few of the most common reasons why your central air conditioner won't shut off:

Dirty Condenser Coils or Air Filter

Most air conditioners in homes are known as split systems. The large metal box outside of your home houses the condenser coils. It is the coils' job to release the heat that is absorbed in your house and release it into the air outdoors. When the condenser coils are dirty, they cannot properly perform this function.

When the hot air from your home isn't effectively released outside by the coils, your unit will keep running to eliminate the trapped air. It is simple to clean away any debris that is found on the outside of the metal condenser unit with a garden hose. However, if the coils themselves inside the housing are dirty, it is best to leave this job to the professionals. The coils are very delicate, and cleaning them improperly can lead to damage.

If your air filter, which is found in a number of different spots, depending on the unit's make or manufacturer. Check your owner's manual, or if you aren't comfortable locating or replacing the filter, don't hesitate to contact a professional for assistance.

Your A/C Is Too Small

Central air conditioning systems come in many sizes. Typically, the smaller units are less expensive, which could have led you to purchase a more cost-effective model. Unfortunately, if the air conditioner is too small to handle your home, it will run constantly to meet the demands of your house's square footage.

The most effective way to remedy this problem is to either purchase a larger central air conditioning system, or purchase a window unit to supplement your current unit. If you own a two-story home, installing the window air conditioner on the second floor will allow you to keep the upper level cool, without placing unnecessary strain on the unit.

An air conditioning system that is constantly running can place a huge strain on the unit, and your wallet. If your unit isn't functioning normally, or you simply want to ensure the central air is running optimally, don't hesitate to contact a technician for further assistance.